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Friday, March 31, 2006

Master CraftsMon - Aired Monday, March 20, 2006 at about 11pm CST - Segment 1

Master CraftsMon - Aired Monday, March 20, 2006 at about 11pm CST - Segment 1

As I have said multiple times, I doubt whether there is anyone out there, BUT just on the off chance that there is ONE person listening, I shall endeavor to persevere. I just love that phrase. It's from the movie The Outlaw Josie Wales which I consider to be one of the best Western ever made.

We are at the start of our fund drive. Call in and make a pledge. I shall play some music and take your pledge. I have no engineers or someone to take the phone, so that is what needs to be done. Don't be shy. Call right now at 779-5367 or donate securely at

Remember that I am but a voice from the velvet black calling to you across the gulf of our mutual incomprehension.

Last weekend was the third anniversary of the start of the Iraqi War. There were multiple protests around the world against the Iraqi War. Very few people are attending these shindigs. Or rather it seems to be the same people over and over again. The Left has been loose coalition for quite a while. It seems like a protest against... Oh, fill in the blank is called and the Free Mumia crowd shows up, "No Globalization" makes an attendance and so on and so on.

Let me tell you about the one that just took place this last Saturday, March 18 in San Francisco. International ANSWER or Act Now to Stop War and End Racism is one of the big anti-war groups. International ANSWER is allege to be a front group for the Workers World Party. The Workers World Party is a hard line Stalinist Communist group that was formed in the wake of the Soviet Union cracking down on Hungary in 1955. WWP split from the Communist Party, USA because they were upset that the Soviets did not use MORE force. Yeah, you heard me right. The WWP are REALLY into hard core authoritarian philosophy. The big problem the anti-war movement is having is that they are being tarred as pro-Communists and pro-terrorists and pro-Palestinian. The protest by International ANSWER this last Saturday did not disabuse anyone.

Let me read you some of the signs that were on display. These came from agent zombie who is a spy for the vast Right Wing Conspiracy. The front group he identifies with is a web site called Little Green Footballs. Wait... You have heard of Little Green Footballs... No? Well, Little Green Footballs has its headquarters in a nitrogen filled room under the Denver International Airport. Yes, they do. The leader is Charles Johnson who brought down Dan Rather by showing that the Texas Air National Guard memos were made in Microsoft Word. Charles Johnson is allege to be a giant lizard from outer space bent on world domination. Little Green Football readers are thus called the Lizardoid minions. The vast Right Wing Conspiracy was quick to recruit him when he set up shop under the Denver International Airport. And, oh, yes, Charles is alleged to get checks from the Israelis for promoting the Zionist plan for world domination.

You're sitting there going, "Whoa, dude. Drinking that water you use to wash out your bong is bad for you." I can't help it if my reality and yours does not intersect all the time. The main Leftist web sites, DailyKos, Democratic Underground and are somewhat convinced that all of what I have said about Charles Johnson is true, including the nitrogen filled headquarters under the Denver International Airport. Come out to my blog and I have links to these web sites. You have to go to those web sites to actually get the feel for how far left the Democratic Party has moved. What is really frightening is that these three sites are the most sane of the leftist web sites around.

Anyway. Let me read you some of the signs that were on display at the San Francisco rally against the Iraqi War and Israeli Occupation of the West Bank plus some pro-Cuba and pro-Venezuela signs. These photos came from agent zombie who is a spy for the vast Right Wing Conspiracy.

Look here for the signs I am describing.

The first sign in the sequence shown by agent zombie is one that is all black and says, "THERE IS NO GOD BUT ALLAH, MOHAMMAD IS THE MESSENGER OF ALLAH."

Many of you out on the Left wonder why people who are Conservatives like me wonder about your patriotism. Signs like this a anti-war rally surely do not help. What am I to make of it? Wait... I do not say that people should not show such signs. It is a free country despite what you may think. And despite what you have heard Conservatives are not in favor of quashing freedom of speech.

Anyway. what I an getting at here is that the presence of a sign proclaiming an Islamic message would not lead a rational person to perceive the marchers to be on the side of the United States, but on the side of the Irreconcilables.

Onward. The next sign shows, "Bible: the way of the dinosaur. Imperial God is dead. Life is God. Imperial God is Fascism. god's power is within."

Interesting concept that. People show up at protests with signs that all together make no sense, but taken in parts kind of make sense. The gist of this one means to me that imperialism is a major component of American foreign policy right now. The protester is against that. I often wonder about imperialism, because it depends how you define that word whether the U.S. is an Imperialist nation state. If you mean that the U.S. wants to dominate the world's culture, sell our goods and services everywhere, and generally interfere in other people's countries by simply exporting our products and investing in their economies, then I guess there is a case for that. The problem is that under that scenario the foreigners have to volunteer to adopt our ways, so how can it be real imperialism. I mean, imperialism has always meant to me the conquering and governing of a country. You can make the case that Iraq and Afghanistan have been conquered and now are being governed by American proxies, but am not convinced that that is the case.

The sign seen in this sequence which shows a sign that says, "Screw War." with a turtle having sex with a Army helmet. I don't see anything interesting here. I mean, the guy holding the sign looks like a teenager looking to hook up with some chick. Oh, wait, you did know that protests are great places to pick up women? Oh, yeah, everyone involved makes that point. Protests have ALWAYS been a great place to meet people of the opposite sex. Talk to any aging hippie and they'll tell you stories about the 1960's anti-war protests.

Wow... the next sign has four panels. One panel says, "No Blood 4 Oil." I've always wondered how anyone can truly believe that we went over there to enrich Bush's friends. I mean, let me throw out a scenario for you. If in 2003, Bush wanted to get control of Saddam's oil for his friends, why couldn't he have done this. First send a minion to Saddam and say, "Hey, Saddam, dude, buddy, if you give my friends the exclusive right to buy your oil at a discounted rate, I'll lift the U.N. sanctions." Remember that in 2003, there were a large number of countries who were pressuring Bush to do that. By doing it that way, Bush could have made his friends a huge amount of money without having to get the U.S. involved in Iraq directly. Why go to war for oil, when Saddam would have jumped at that scheme? There's one other problem with the scenario about "blood for oil". If we were there for the oil only, why are we not guarding the pipelines more diligently? Think about it for a minute. If we went to Iraq to only get the oil, then we should be guarding the oil pipelines and ignoring the Iraqi people. The insurgents are blowing up the pipelines in depressing frequency.

The next panel on that sign says, "Drive out Bush Now" where the letter S in Bush is a Nazi swastika. Yes, the impeachment frenzy has reach fever pitch lately. I mean, the Vast Right Wing Conspiracy got Clinton impeached, so the Vast Left Wing Conspiracy should get Bush impeached and run out of office. The problem I have had with this one is the lack of math training on the Left. Think about it... Come on you can do this formula... It's a simple subtraction... Here goes... White House minus Bush equals Cheney. Why is that an improvement?... Earth to Liberals... Earth to Liberals... You hate Cheney too. Why is impeaching and removing Bush such a good idea? The DailyKos web site has been all over this idea for a long while and not once have they done the math on this little project. What also bothers me is that Cheney has always been said to control Bush. Bush after all is a village idiot from Texas. How could anyone want to unmask the puppet master. If Bush is bad, then having a President Cheney would be even worse.

Onward, the next panel of the sign says, "The First Death in War is Peace." I've always had a problem with this formulation of the logical argument that there are no just wars. Saddam was an evil bastard. He had killed as many as 500000 children before the war, so why shouldn't we depose him? Wait... You have been keeping up with the Oil for Food scandal? Saddam diverted money meant to feed children to build palaces and buy weapons. The estimate of the number of children who died as a result of the embargo between 1991 and 2003 has always been around 500000. In addition the best guess is that Saddam was killed about 300000 of his people and dumped them in mass graves.

The last panel is the one that I really have a problem answering because it appears to be right. It says, "Why do we kill people who kill to show killing is wrong?" It's a good question. I haven't got much of an answer for it. The question should be whether the killings in Iraq will forestall killings elsewhere in the future. The jury is still out on that one. If Iraq collapses into a civil war and never develops, then that panel will have some meaning. If Iraq and the Middle East has a burst of freedom, then people in the future will look at it the same way we look at South Korea. Was the Korean War justified? Is the freedom that South Korea now enjoys worth the killing, pain and sorrow that the Koreans suffered in the 1950's? Most people would say yes.

The next sign cuts to the core of the anti-war movement's credibility gap for most Conservatives. It shows Adolf Hitler with a tear in his eye, a balloon over his head saying "My Boys" and puppet handles manipulating Jeb Bush, Arnold Swartzenager, Ronald Reagan and George Bush. There is a note at the bottom saying "Meet the Fockers." Bush and all Conservatives as Nazis has always baffled most Conservatives, because the Conservative movement has always pushed for smaller government and lower taxes. How can a Conservative be a Nazi, if we do not support the idea of a big government? If you look at the rhetoric of the grass roots Conservatives, you find that Bush is in big trouble with Conservatives right now because he has NOT pushed for smaller government. The bloated federal budget is not something that most Conservatives are happy with. The amount of pork and earmarks is a major scandal for most Conservatives. How can you be a Nazi when you are against most of the things Hitler was in favor of? I haven't figured that one out?

The next picture shows signs promoting International Action Center which is another front group for the Workers World Party. Again, Communists have a big presence in this party. What is kind of weird is that one of the signs promotes freeing Mumia Abu-Jamal. Hello!?? What has that to do with an anti-war demonstration? Then again, International Action Center is big on self-promotion.

The sign that shows up next says, "End Colonialism in the 'Americas'". Again, you have to define your terms. If colonialism means that the U.S. has too much presence in North and South America through our various companies and culture, then they have a case. The problem arises when you define colonialism as being in direct control. I wonder at that. Hypersensitivity has become the fashion of the day. ANY presence in the Americas is defined as too much. Kind of wonder about the sign in the context of a anti-Iraqi War rally. Why does it make sense to protest this problem at the same time as the Iraq War? It makes it look to someone who's watching that the protesters are a rent-a-mob instead of protesters for a given cause.

The group "Veterans Against The War" put some coffins draped with American flags out in the street to signify the waste of lives in this war. Whether it makes sense to average Americans is another issue. There is a problem in that quite a few people wandering around the coffins were dressed with keffiyehs, which are the pattern of scarf that Yasser Arafat used to wear..

The next sign is kind of strange to me. It says, "U.S. Out of Iraq! Israel Out of the Occupied Territories! Break with the Democratic Party of War and Racism - For a Workers Party for Socialist Revolution." This comes from the Spartacus League which is yet another front group for the Workers World Party. I find this one kind of fascinating, because there was Spartacus League in post World War I Germany that started a Communist revolt against the Weimar Republic in 1919. It was quashed. The current Spartacus League is another Communist group. Do you realize the irony of the sign? To most Conservatives, the Democratic Party is hard Left, yet there are people in this country who consider the Democratic Party as being to Conservative. That's a really hard concept for me to wrap my mind around. At least the sign makes some sense. Palestine has always supposed to be a root of the whole Middle East mess. I've looked at it and I just do not believe it.

The next two signs in agent zombie's photo essay as presented by Charles Johnson are kind of strange for me. The first says, "We are Indigenous. The ONLY owners of this Continent." put out by Mexica-Movement. The next sign says, "INDIGENOUS PEOPLE AGAINST U.S. TERRORISM". Interesting juxtaposition don't you think? Mexican people of Native American descent against the war in Iraq. It kind of makes some sense until you look at their agenda which is the return of all lands lost by Mexico in the Mexican-American War in the 1846-1848 period. They have a point if ever there was an unjust war, the Mexican-American War was unjust. The problem I am having with the sign is that the moral equivalency between the terrorists who do head hacking and blow up women and children versus how we conduct ourselves in Iraq. If you believe the American press, then there is no difference. I don't believe the coverage of the war in Iraq. And, dude, the Iraqi are REALLY ticked at how our media cover the war.

Here's a formula on a sign that I had not thought COULD exist, much less make sense. It says, "Mossad+CIA+Mercenaries are 911 Al-Quaida". I believe what the sign is implying is that the Jews blew up the World Trade Center so that the Muslims would get the blame. In essence the Jews did it. I've always found that interesting. Whenever a terrorist apologist holds forth. The Jews show up as the cause of the problem rather quickly.


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