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Sunday, November 27, 2005

Some Nuts and Bolts About The Program

Master CraftsMon - Aired Monday, November 28, 2005 at about 11pm CST

I probably will not accept phone calls here at the station. I know, that is a radical idea for a talk radio show. I just do not think that having someone call up and scream their defiance to the world makes sense. I mean, why should anyone have to listen to a long string of people spouting expletives and passion, when the goal is to accomplish something. Besides, I don't have a call screener.

Each week I plan to present some ideas on how to fix some of the problems we have in this community... or elsewhere. Something close to a transcript will appear on my blog. You can stop in and make comments and suggestions. Or ask questions. The blog software allows for this.

Some people will disagree with the idea or disagree with the means. The ones who are coherent, I will arrange for them to call me and we shall debate the issues. I surely do not want someone who screams, "The Black Helicopter Alien Abductors will land and destroy the entire operation." That type of person has a certain appeal, but not to me. And I trust... not to you. I wish to educate and actually accomplish something, not simply entertain.

Debate is not what you think it is. Please review the Lincoln-Douglas debate format or rather get my reference to a book that outlines the Lincoln-Douglas Debates of 1858. The idea is that the first person makes their case, then the second person makes their case, then the first person gets to rebut. A transcript of the remarks of all three segments will be posted on my blog and both sides will take questions.

If there is enough questions, then another debate will be scheduled, except the roles reverse. The original second person goes first, making their case in light of the questions and answers on the blog, then first person makes their case and finally the second person rebuts. I know, it sounds too complicated.

The original Lincoln-Douglas Debates took place in seven separate Congressional Districts in Illinois in 1858. Their topic was slavery. Douglas, the Democrat, made the case that slavery should be extended into the Western territories. Lincoln, the Republican, made the case that slavery should not be allowed in any of the new territories. Underlying the debate was a Supreme Court decision in the Dred Scott Case. Justice Taney writing for the majority ruled that Blacks could never vote in federal elections, because Blacks were inferior to Whites. Justice Taney's thinking was extremely weird, because Blacks had voted in every federal election up until his decision. Plus Blacks had fought in the American military in every war up until that time, including the Revolution. The Founding Fathers had assumed that slavery would wither away, because they outlawed it in the Ohio Territories. Lincoln wanted to extend that ban to all unincorporated territories in the U.S. at the time and any new territories we might acquire in the future. Nothing was resolved and Lincoln lost the election for the Illinois Senate.

Anyway, that's the reason I chose that format. It provides a method of shedding light on a topic, not generating heat. Too many talk show hosts wish to grab face time and to squash their guests and count coup. Plus, too many guests on talk shows, both TV and radio, want to squash the host and count coup. We at KEOS are supposed to educate. What part of "KEOS is owned by Brazos Educational Radio" do you not understand?


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