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Sunday, November 27, 2005

What was this all about?

Master CraftsMon - Aired Monday, November 28, 2005 at about 11pm CST

I just told you my positions of many issues, because it would not be honorable to ask you to help me if you did not know where I stand. What I wanted to point out about you, if you are on the Left, is that you cannot look at what I have said and think that I might be right. What I am getting at is that because I am on the Right, you have GOT to ignore my evidence. You will not accept that I have come to my positions for honorable reasons after much thought AND you cannot bring yourself to double-check my work. The entire point of The Enlightenment was that we as a society would not accept conventional wisdom simply based on who was pushing that conventional wisdom. America has gotten to the point where there are at least two camps and neither side is willing to accept that the other side may have arrived at their conclusions for honorable reasons. Don't you find that astonishing? I do.

I would also point out that I do not care whether you adopt my political positions. I do not care whether you believe in God. I am not out to change your mind about much of anything. I simply do not care where you stand on the issues. What I want is for you to help me make positive social changes, because you agree that my ideas for doing that are good. It is possible to ally yourself with someone who you totally disagree with on all other aspects of life. We have forgotten that somehow. I invite you to reconsider your position on working with someone, like me, who you do not agree with. Come on help me whitewash this fense. It'll be fun... maybe.


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