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Sunday, November 27, 2005

Liberal "Victory" #3: Civil Rights Movement

Master CraftsMon - Aired Monday, November 28, 2005 at about 11pm CST

The rooster gets up before dawn and crows and crows and crows and the sun comes up. Obviously the sun came up because the rooster crowed.

Liberalism has five major moral wins over the last seventy years. Each of them are failures when examined in detail. By my standards, they did not really achieve the moral goals that they set out to achieve. However Liberals view each of the following examples as having achieved their goals. How can it be moral to steal money from everyone and support a project that achieved nothing OR makes the problem worse?

Third there is the Voting Rights Act and the Civil Rights Movement. Jim Crow was ended and segregation was eliminated by good hearted White Liberals. Blacks should be grateful to these White Liberals forever for this good deed.

By the time the Civil Rights Act was passed, Blacks had won in the South. They didn't need the Freedom Riders to come down and free them. There were mop up operations to be done, but they could have done that themselves. White Liberals like to think they gifted Blacks their freedom. I don't believe it.

By my standards, White Liberals have been the downfall of Blacks in this country. Today, 60-70% of all Blacks are born illegitimate. 50% of Blacks drop out of high school. Supposedly, 70% of all male prisoners in our jails are Black. Very few Black children live in two parent families. Poverty among Blacks is much higher than among Whites. Shouldn't Blacks be better off in cities where the Democratic Party has ruled for a long period of time, compared to cities where Republicans have ruled for a long time? Where are the successes in alleviating poverty among poor Blacks?

If this is a success story, then I surely would hate to see what failure would look like.

I know, too many questions and imponderables. I am going to devote an entire program to race in this country. I just wanted to stake out the position at this early date that race is THE issue that has to handled by the Right if our country is to move forward. For too long Blacks have ignored their responsibility for their own plight. The Right has in the past just said, "Dude, whatever you want. We can lead you to water, but if you won't drink, then that's your fault not ours."


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