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Friday, March 31, 2006

Master CraftsMon - Aired Monday, March 27, 2006 at about 11pm CST - Segment 5

Master CraftsMon - Aired Monday, March 27, 2006 at about 11pm CST
Segment 5

We are having our Spring fund drive. Call in and make a pledge. I shall play some music and take your pledge. I have no engineers or someone to take the phone, so that is what needs to be done. Don't be shy. Call right now at 779-5367 or 779-KEOS or donate securely at

Let's look at the Democratic Underground. Here is what Wikipedia has to say about the web site:
Democratic Underground, also known as DU, describes itself as an "online community for Democrats and other progressives." Its membership is restricted by policy to those who are "generally supportive of progressive ideals," and who "support Democratic candidates for political office." .[1] However, the scope of discussion is wide and members represent a broad spectrum of liberal beliefs and backgrounds. DU was established on January 20, 2001, the day President George W. Bush was inaugurated.
Let me talk to you about an article on the site by Bernard Weiner of the Crisis Papers (another web site under Democratic Underground). This article is from March 21, 2006 on the main page.

In the article Bernard Weiner is shocked... just shocked that many on the Left have become very anti-Semitic. Where has this guy been? The French have been bashing the Jews for years. For good reason of course, the Jews in Israel have dared to stop being victims. Prior to 1968 when the Jews in Israel were just hanging on against attacks, the Europeans and particularly the French were on their side. Once the Jews devastated the Arabs in 1968 and 1973 wars, the European Left started dumping on them by taking up the cause of the Palestinians and advocating the destruction of Israel. The thinking in Europe has always been that if Israel would just die, then the Arabs would go back to sleep and leave the Europeans alone. The cartoon jihad suddenly woke up many on the Left in Europe that getting rid of Israel would not get rid of their problems.

Anyway. Bernard Weiner makes the case that the Left in America has got to dump the groups that advocate anti-Semitism. A week ago I introduced you to International ANSWER which is one of the major players in the anti-Iraqi War protest movement. People on the Left are just now noticing all the anti-Semitic posters at the International ANSWER's protests. Weiner castigates them for that type of behavior. He warns everyone on the Left that they cannot allow people like this to be the face of the Progressive movement.

What I was trying to get across is that the Democratic Underground bans Conservatives and people who do not agree with the Progressive agenda. They do not just bar disruptive hate-filled right wingers. They ban all non-Progressives. I honestly think they have a right to do that. There is such a thing as freedom of association. The problem arises is that doing that causes an echo chamber effect where you listen only to people who agree with you. Such a move can backfire on you because you get the idea that, since no one of your acquaintance disagrees with you, then a majority of the people in America agree with you.

I draw your attention the elections of 2002 and 2004. In both cases people on the Left were caught flat-footed, when the Republicans won many more seats in Congress than they should have. When Bush won re-election in 2004, a few Progressives in Florida had to seek therapy from mental health professionals to help cope with the devastating let down they were experiencing.

Again, those who imbibe postmodernist thought do not have to believe anything they do not want to believe. No amount of evidence can be marshaled to change their minds. Since no one in their circle of acquaintances disagrees with them, they occasionally get bit by that slimy dog, objective Reality. Not often enough for them to change, but often enough to be surprised that the world does not work the way they expected it to.

9/11 changed the minds of quite a few Liberals and woke them up to the fact that the Irreconcilables of radical Islam were on the march and were a danger. Too many on the Left cried, "We must find the root causes of this conflict. Then and only then will it be possible to resolve this issue." That wasn't good enough for these former Liberals. They saw a Progressive movement that sought to excuse the barbaric behavior of the Irreconcilables and blame 9/11 on the American foreign policy. That did not sit well with quite a few people.

Since then, the sky has not fallen. No re-occurences of a 9/11 style event has occurred. The base of the Democratic Party has become more vocal in their demands that we come home and leave those Muslims alone. If we just do that, then the Muslims will leave us alone. That thinking is not a set of policy statements. We are in a war with the Irreconcilables of radical Islam. How are we going to cause them to leave us alone?

Democratic Underground appears to me to be mostly sane in that the rants against Bush appear to be reserved for the comments section instead of the main page, like DailyKos. Maybe you should check them out.


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