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Sunday, April 30, 2006

Open Air Live on KEOS 89.1FM College Station for April 28, 2006 2-4pm

Playlist for KEOS 89.1FM Open Air Live for April 28, 2006

So from 2-4pm I played some International Music. Except some of it wasn't. The Native American is of course from the US and Gullah is of course from the islands off the coast of South Carolina. The Playlist was:
Artist or Band[Song]Name of CD
Tomas San Miguel[Pleyades](Basque)Lezao
Marta Sebestyen[Teremtes](Hungary)The Best of Marta Sebestyen
Sorten Muid[As Stars Up High](Denmark)Mark II
Steve Shehan&Baly Othmani[Assarouf](Africa)Assarout
Seydu[Dance of the Night](Sierra Leone)Freetown
Samputu[Aliokoa](Rwanda)Testimony from Rwanda
Samite[Ndere](Uganda)Sillia Musango
No Name Given[Dance of the Angels](Laos)Music from Thailand&Laos
Sisters[Nearer My God to Me](Native American)Oneida Ireaquois Hymns
Joanne Shenandoah[Prophecy Song](Native American)Peace of Power
William Horncloud[If You Get Lonesome](Native American)Rabbit Dance; Songs of the Lakota
Joanne Shenadoah&Lawrence Laughing[Across the Sky](Native American)Oenda (Native American Songs of Life)
Alex E. Smith&Cheevers Toppah[Reflections](Native American)Intonation
Joanne Shenandoah[Tell Me Your Dream](Native American)Covenant
Tiinesha Begaye[Tradition Lives Forever](Native American)Rhythm of Love
Johnny Mike[Four Songs](Native American)Hear My Prayers
Shoghaken Ensemble[Tamzara](Armenia)Traditional Dances of Armenia
Shoghaken Ensemble[Anush Knik](Armenia)Armenian Lullabies
Sawt E Atlas[Ness](Morocco)Donia
Seba[Ben Ali](Algeria)Ewal Limentation Generale
M.R. Shajarian&K. Kalnor[Desert](Iran)Nght Silence Desert
Mariem Smalls&The halleluja Singers[Cap'n](Gullah)Carry Me Home

Friday, April 28, 2006

Playlist for KEOS 89.1FM for Another Thursday

Playlist for KEOS 89.1FM, Thursday, April 27, 2006 for Open Air Live

It's almost impossible to get people to work during the day at KEOS. I took over the 2pm-4pm slot for some reason, basically waiting for the calvary to arrive. It hasn't.
The playlist for Thursday was:

Artist or Band[Song]Name of CD
Michael McDonald[Sweet Freedom]Music from the motion picture "Running Scared"
Stan Swiniarski[They Called me An American]Mexico
Ronny Cox[Trash Meets the Cash]Cowboy Savant
Stan Swiniarski[It Ain't a Party]Mexico
Feeway Bill[Running Scared]Music from the motion picture "Running Scared"
Ronny Cox[Canyons]Cowboy Savant
Stan Swiniarski[Overnight Sensation]Mexico
New Edition[Once in a Lifetime Groove]Music from the motion picture "Running Scared"
Heather Alexander[Storyteller]Wanderlust
Davie Paton[The Bonny Blue Bonnets]Fragments
Heather Alexander[Faerie Queen]Wanderlust
Davie Paton[Loch Lomond]Fragments
Cheap Trick[Dream Police]
Survivor[Eye of the Tiger]
Van Halen[Dreams]
Mr. Mister[Kyree]
The Moody Blues[Your Wildest Dreams]
Chicago[Stay the Night]
Rod Stewart[Forever Young]
Pierce Pettis[A Mountaineer is Always Free]
Starship[We Built This City]
Hall&Oates[Kiss on My List]

It was a pretty good show. These are all songs I like.

Monday, April 24, 2006

My Book, The Dark Prince

I wrote a book, The Dark Prince.

About two years ago, I became very ill and nearly died. I started having fever dreams. They were very vivid. They dealt with a man called Green Sky.

A green sky is a harbinger. It is a warning. When the sky turns green, there a fair to middling chance that there is a tornado in the area. The problem was that I couldn't write a book about Green Sky.

My character, Green Sky, was a callous, uncaring man. The ultimate warrior... An unfeeling killing machine. A man quite willing to kill in the name of Civilization. I wanted to write about him, but could not. I simply couldn't get inside his head. A man that close to breaking would view the world in a very strange way. Right and wrong would warp and morph into many different things.

The novel, Green Sky, has not been written. Yet.

I could write a book about child abuse. Not because I was an abused child but because I could empathize with someone who was abused as a child. I called it, The Dark Prince.

Our society has spent too much time on victimhood. Too many people wish to claim victimhood because it somehow absolves them of all their sins. Or so it seems.

My character, John Jones, has been in 47 foster homes. His mother laid open his back with a electric cord when he was five. She had been selling him to homosexuals for sex in order to buy drugs. She had starved him into submission to force him to have sex with these guys by confining him to a closet. After the foster care system got him, I had him be in a foster home where the nutjob beat him with a whip. In another home he was subjected to torture and buried alive. All through this he is given the opportunity to scream victimhood and blame everyone else for his problems. I mean, after having this many problems, he was entitled, BUT he refused.

Most foster care kids believe that they ARE victims. And at the same time, they believe themselves ultrapowerful. I mean, All the troubles in their lives are caused by their action. Their parents break up. It was their fault. If they are beaten, it was because of something they did. I know doesn't make any sense, but that is how things are for quite a few foster kids.

He adopted a librarian as his second mother. He loves her as a mother and she councils him as a mother would concil a son. She gives him the books necessary for him to adopt a different frame of reference than victimhood. Why anyone would reject victimhood when they truly WERE a victim was kind of an interesting idea to me. Why would a child in foster care listen to an adult not their caregiver? Don't know. That is what I had to have for the novel to work out the way I wanted.

What I tried to do in the novel was beat up the kid mentally. I wanted to show how people with real character react when they have something bad happens to them. Throughout the novel odd and crazy things drop in his lap and he has to deal with the situations.

The novel opens with him grieving for the death of the Librarian. A frighteningly scary man, Green Sky, shows up and they play chess. Green Sky takes the John Jones as his apprentice. Green Sky is a mystic warrior. John Jones is to be his replacement.

What I wanted to do was to show what happens to people when chaos actually enters their lives and swirls around them.

What I had hoped was that my audience for this show would help me edit the book. I had hoped that people would go out to my blog and then on to my book and read the book and give me comments and suggestions about the book. No one has. No one has gone out to my blog and the book has sat out there on my web site for two years while I have dithered.

Ah, go out to and catch the link to my novel, The Dark Prince, if you are interested. Each chapter is about seven pages long. There is a reason for that length, but it is kind of silly.