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Friday, April 28, 2006

Playlist for KEOS 89.1FM for Another Thursday

Playlist for KEOS 89.1FM, Thursday, April 27, 2006 for Open Air Live

It's almost impossible to get people to work during the day at KEOS. I took over the 2pm-4pm slot for some reason, basically waiting for the calvary to arrive. It hasn't.
The playlist for Thursday was:

Artist or Band[Song]Name of CD
Michael McDonald[Sweet Freedom]Music from the motion picture "Running Scared"
Stan Swiniarski[They Called me An American]Mexico
Ronny Cox[Trash Meets the Cash]Cowboy Savant
Stan Swiniarski[It Ain't a Party]Mexico
Feeway Bill[Running Scared]Music from the motion picture "Running Scared"
Ronny Cox[Canyons]Cowboy Savant
Stan Swiniarski[Overnight Sensation]Mexico
New Edition[Once in a Lifetime Groove]Music from the motion picture "Running Scared"
Heather Alexander[Storyteller]Wanderlust
Davie Paton[The Bonny Blue Bonnets]Fragments
Heather Alexander[Faerie Queen]Wanderlust
Davie Paton[Loch Lomond]Fragments
Cheap Trick[Dream Police]
Survivor[Eye of the Tiger]
Van Halen[Dreams]
Mr. Mister[Kyree]
The Moody Blues[Your Wildest Dreams]
Chicago[Stay the Night]
Rod Stewart[Forever Young]
Pierce Pettis[A Mountaineer is Always Free]
Starship[We Built This City]
Hall&Oates[Kiss on My List]

It was a pretty good show. These are all songs I like.


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