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Sunday, November 27, 2005

Does the Left Have a Set of Policies That Will Produce Positive Social Change?

Master CraftsMon - Aired Monday, November 28, 2005 at about 11pm CST

We're getting close to where I actually start this program, but I wanted to show you something else I noticed. KEOS is a far Left organization. Proudly so. The goal of the station is to be an outpost of Progressive thought in Bush country, to give a voice to underserved groups in the community. Listen closely to Democracy Now! in the mornings on KEOS or Free Speech Radio News in the afternoon or Jim Hightower. If I strip away the emotion and outrage, what do I hear them saying when I listen to them? What I hear is, "We hate America as it is." Make sure you understand what I am saying. I do not say these people on these programs are saying, "We hate America." I hear them say, "We hate America as it is." I do not hear them say what they like about America, nor do I hear them say what they would like America to become. Where are their solutions to social problems facing this country?

To me, America is the best country on the face of the earth. We are the most successful country in the history of the World. The Swedish middle class do not have the standard of living of our poorest citizens. Our poorest state were it a nation has a higher GDP than any country in Europe. Every day people literally die to get to this country. Our citizens can move from the bottom rung of society to the top rung in one generation through hard work. Yet the people on the far Left media outlets say, "We hate America as it is."

As near as I can tell the people on these programs want America to be better than it is. I say, "Great. How do you do that?" I don't get a coherent answer except that the Left wants a bigger government that will devote more and more money to social programs that cannot work. By my standards, taxation is a form of involuntary charity when it is used for social programs. Why is it morally correct to force me to donate to a charity, particularly when a given government program produces no positive results?

What I am getting at is that the Left has stopped coming up with solutions that yield results. They have stopped debating and simply done a "Crazy Eddie" on any idea that the Right comes up with. "Crazy Eddie" is a term from a Jerry Pournelle science fiction book. It means that someone is trying to get a solution and a Crazy Eddie gets in the way and will not budge, nor offer a solution. A prime example of Crazy Eddie thinking happened during the Katrina relief effort. In New Orleans, the Super Dome, the Convention Center and this overpass had people needing food and water. Some Crazy Eddie in the state relief effort wouldn't allow the Red Cross or the Salvation Army to come in and feed and water them, NOR would the people in the state relief effort do it themselves. The nation was horrified by the result.

If you are going to have a movement, any type of movement, you have to produce results. You cannot simply say, "Well, we'll appropriate the money and the problem will disappear." I have seen few cases where throwing money at a social problem has yielded positive results. It looks like the only thing the Left has to offer is aggressive hatred of the way America is, without a positive vision of how it could be or should be. Hmm... Or rather the Left does offer a vision of what they want, but will not answer the question, "How do you do that?" The almost religious belief that government can solve all social ills makes no sense to me in the face of so MANY government failures.

The reason I have formulated the above debate is that the Right has no answers as well and the Left's answers are the status quo. Until the Right is willing to step up and try to deal with the problems confronting our nation, there can be no positive social change. The Left's policies have left a backtrail of failure, ruin and heartache. The Right, unfortunately, has to come behind the stinky Liberals and clean up. Until people on the Right clean up the mess that the Liberals have made, things cannot get better. This idea that the Do Nothing option will work is insane to me. Think it through, the Liberals have programs in place that appear to be doing SOMETHING. Until the people on the Right come up with a plan that appears to do something... better, the Liberals have the field to themselves.

On the other hand, I do not think that the government should do the cleanup. Each of us in this society who want to help out should volunteer and do something, instead of asking the government to do it in our name. The problem is that the government AND the shinky Liberals may not want us to even do that. They may still do a Crazy Eddie on us. I have not quite figured out how to get the Crazy Eddies on the either side out of the way. Stay tuned. Something will come to me directly.

In the meantime, please feel free to post your questions, comments and rebuttals.


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