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Tuesday, November 29, 2005

The Night and the Morning After the start of Master CraftsMon

Well, maybe someone heard my show last night. I have not checked on the comments yet. I don't think even my friends read this blog or listened to the show.

The show went pretty well. I did it from a script. I had broken the script into segments so that I could put in the breaks that are on the Traffic Logs. We'll get to Traffic Logs in the future. Anyway. I was able to make all the breaks, because of the segments. The FCC requires that you identify your station at the top of the hour plus or minus 5 minutes, then you’re supposed to identify your show 20 minutes after the hour and forty minutes after the hour plus or minus 5 minutes. The 1am break was close. I couldn't get to a stopping point until 1:03am CST. At that point, I did the top of the hour Legal ID, "KEOS 89.1FM College Station", and read the weather. Doing a show is always an adventure.

Without advertising the show, it was mostly me talking to myself. I don't think anyone listened. As I said, I have not checked for comments yet.

Damn, it was cold coming back to my apartment after the show. Or so it seemed to me. No cars around at 2am in Bryan and then College Station. Or rather very few. I think I saw four or five on the way home.

I saw a street light on College Avenue that was in the middle of a tree. I mean, the lamp was surrounded by the branches of the tree. The leaves had turned golden. The light from the lamp was just the right frequency to make the leaves look like a glow. Very beautiful by my standards.

I got up at 8am this morning. I have Kiwanis today. I am Secretary for the Kiwanis Club of College Station. I have to be there all the meetings at the Hilton at noon on Tuesdays. I have to announce trash pickup, Adopt-a-Street, today. Maybe some people will show up for the project. I need ten.

I've spent most of the last hour getting the CD burned for the Weather Notebook. They are going under, as in the Weather Notebook ends this month. I will have to tell the station. That's three shows KEOS broadcasts that are going under this month.

Ah, well, I need to get something to eat before I go off to Kiwanis.


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