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Sunday, February 05, 2006

Master CraftsMon - Aired Monday, January 9, 2006 at about 11pm CST - Segment 2

Master CraftsMon - Aired Monday, January 9, 2006 at about 11pm CST
Segment 2

Here's a song I've always kind of liked, because it makes the point that should be able to think as you want. Too many people disagree.

That was Dream Police by Cheap Trick.

I downloaded this song a while back. I was going to burn a CD with Dream Police on it, but my CD burner failed. Or rather the software stopped working or something. I got the CD-burner fixed, so I burned a CD with this song on it.

Anyway. This song embodies too many of the ideals that the Left holds dear. The busy bodies out there want you to change, not what you do, but what you think. Political Correctness is a concept with a good goal, but an evil result. The whole point of Political Correctness is to define what is and what is not allowed in political discourse. It attempts to make the case that if there are some things that cannot, may not and should not be said, then obviously the concepts that are banned will wither away. It doesn't work that way... not with humans. By defining certain things as unacceptable in public discourse there then forms a private market for those concepts that are banned.

What I find interesting is that if all the Politically Incorrect concepts were debated strenuously, a consensus could be formed as to what needs to be done about the problems that underlie the concepts.

Let me give you an example. A college president named Lawrence Summers made a point in a private setting that women did not go into the sciences in academia as much as men. He then said that research should be done to find out whether there was a difference between how men and women viewed science. He advanced the hypothesis that maybe women and men were different. One woman in the audience was offended. From being a private setting, the story became an international scandal. His position as president was threatened.

I consider the entire thing to be silliness. In history there have been few women in the hard sciences in academia because of child bearing. As I said last week, it takes about 20 years of hard work to become a master craftsman in any field. Most normal women have to make a choice as to whether they are going to spend that 20 years raising children or 20 years learning their craft. Few women can do that, because children are a source of chaos. The hard sciences require a lot of study and stability. Women worry about their children more than men. That's just observed reality. If you are worrying about one thing, you cannot concentrate on something else. What is more most women determine that the hard sciences are silly. I mean, who cares whether a Green's function can be solved better one way than another.

Ahhh, radical feminists make the point that gender is a social construct. If women were just convinced that they would have more joy doing research, then there WOULD be more women in the hard sciences. In short, if the Dream Police would just come in and reprogram women to do what is in their best interest, they would be SO much better. It doesn't work out that way. Women have to volunteer to walk a hard 20 year road to become the best in their field. Mathematics and other hard sciences do not look like a fantastic use of most women's time.

A woman can volunteer to become a wife and mother or volunteer to do something else. Too many on the Left have determined that volunteerism must be stopped. We as a nation have become so wealthy that no one can be conscripted to do much of anything.

Political correctness and its more virulent forms, diversity training and sensitivity training, seek to brainwash people into thinking a certain way. All that Political Correctness, diversity training and sensitivity training do is cause people to speak a certain way. All three of those do not change minds They just make people angry. They don't really change attitudes or beliefs. Again, we as a society have become so wealthy that no one can be conscripted.

What I am getting at is that political correctness seeks to change minds involuntarily. It can't be done. What is even worse, by my standards, is that trying to force people to change their minds like this is silly. The Puritans in early American used this method and it didn't work. They had almost total control over each other in their small village. If it didn't work for them, I surely do not see how it could work for us.

The Dream Police
concept of defining what people's dreams SHOULD be is evil by my standards. You've got to get people to volunteer to become master craftsmen, to be the best in their field. If you conscript them to be the best, people will fight you, either actively or passively. A society built on coercion will sooner or later fail, because people in such a society do not have real dreams and cannot believe in the future.

I draw your attention to Europe. Right now all the countries in Europe are dying. Their economies are stagnant with unemployment at 10%. The number of new jobs are mostly in the government. Females in Europe have on average 1.7 babies during their life instead of the 2.1 babies per female needed for staying even.

All of these statistics indicate to me a feeling of underlying hopelessness. Just as some people danced away their final two hours of life on the Titanic, the people of Europe are simply having a good time, hoping against hope that they will die before their way of life dies. When you limit people, when you tell them that they have no future except hedonism, they give up. In this particular case, Europe has made a virtue of a failing. Another form of political correctness.

The Dream Police
concept has been with us for a long time. The book, 1984, had as its core that a big government could dictate how you thought, not how you acted. A government can define what is civilized behavior. When it dictates what is civilized thought, then it has gone too far. Besides it doesn't work. People just find ways to express themselves and their beliefs in other ways.


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